You are currently viewing Bhaye pragat kripala English Lyrics with meaning 
Baby Ram

Bhaye pragat kripala English Lyrics with meaning 

Bhaye pragat kripala English Lyrics with meaning 

Composed by Goswami Tulsidas


Bhaye pragat kripala English Lyrics with meaning
Baby Ram


Bhaye pragat kripala deendayala kausalya hitkari


Lord who bestows his mercy and compassion on the sufferers, appeared before Kausalya.


Harshit mahatari muni man haari adbhut roop bichari


And mother Kausalya was extremely happy to see him, who stole the heart of sages and meditated upon his great form.



Lochan abhirama tanu ghan shyama nij aayudh bhuj chaari


As he had the prettiest eyes, was having a dark black complexion body and held weapons in four hands.


Bhooshan vanmala nayan bisala sobha sindhu kharari


And also that killer of Khar demon, Wore a forest garland , had very broad eyes, was an ocean of beauty .


Keh dui kar jori astuti tori kehi bidhi karaun ananta


Joining both her palms she asked him “ Oh lord of infinite and endless mercy, how should I praise you and worship you?”


Maya gun gyaana teet amaana ved puraan bhananta


As the Vedas and Puranas say that you are beyond Maya or illusion, beyond all the attributes and knowledge and you are immeasurable .


Karuna sukh sagar sab gun gaagar jehi gaavahi shruti santa


You are ocean of joy and mercy , the treasure of all good virtues and that you are praised by all Vedas and sages.


Lord vishnu


So mam hit laagi jan anuragi bhayau  pragat shrikanta


And for the sake of my welfare and pleasure , Oh Lord of Lakshmi , you have appeared before me.


Bramhand nikaya nirmit maya rom rom prati bed kahai


The Vedas say that in your each hair there is a pile of innumerable universes created by the power of your Maya.


lord ram


Mam ur so baasi yeh upahaasi sunat dheer mati thir na rahai


Hearing that you lived in my womb even wise men would find it difficult to believe.


Upja jab gyaana prabhu muskaanaa charit bahut bidhi keenh chahai


When mother got such enlightenment, the Lord smiled and told her that he wants to do many pastimes.


Mother Kaushalya and baby Ram


Kahi katha sunayi maatu bujhayi jehi prakaar suta prem lahai


And he told her stories of previous births so that she can develop motherly love and start loving him like her son.


Maata puni boli so mati doli tajahu taat yeh roopa


On hearing it the mother’s mind changed and she requested him,”O lord! Give up this grand form of yours”


Keeje sishuleela ati priyaseela yeh sukh param anoopa


And she requested him,” O dear Lord! take form of an infant and do pastimes of baby. That will be divine pleasure for me.”


Suni bachan sujaana rodan thaana hoyi baalak sur bhoopa


On hearing these words the omniscient Lord and the master of all Gods left his original form and started crying like a child.


Yeh charit je gavahi haripad paavahi te na parahi bhav koopa


Those who sing this glory of Lord would witness the feet of Lord Hari and would never fall back in to the birth- death cycle.


This famous Hindi bhajan describes how Lord Ram appeared as Lord Vishnu before his mother Kausalya at the time of his divine appearance on earth as human being and how he assumed the form of a human baby at the request of his mother Kaushalya.


Bhaye pragat kripala English





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