You are currently viewing Dhanyashtakam English Lyrics with meaning

Dhanyashtakam English Lyrics with meaning

Dhanyashtakam English Lyrics with meaning

composed by Aadi Guru Shankaracharya


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dhanyashtakam english lyrics with meaning




Tat-gyanam prasham-karam yadindrinyanaam
Tat-gyeyam yadup-nishat-sunishchitaartham
Te dhanya bhuvi paramaarth-nishchitehah
Sheshaastu bhram-nilye pari-bhramantah ॥ 1 ॥



That alone is knowledge which brings about tranquility of the senses. That alone is to be known which has its significance established in the Upanishads. They alone are blessed whose aspiration is firmly set on knowing the Supreme Truth. Others are only whirling round in the worldly life or living in the state of delusion.



Aadau vijitya vishayan-mad-moh-raag-
Gyaatva matam sam-nubhooya paraatma-vidya-
kaanta sukham van-grahe vicharanti dhanyah ॥ 2 ॥



Blessed are those who have conquered at first the attraction for the sense-objects and have won enemies like delusion , attachment, hatred etc. Thereby they win over the kingdom of yoga which is a contemplation on the Supreme. They move about in the abode of forest, enjoying the company of the beloved in the form of knowledge of the Supreme-Self, having a clear understanding of their path of pursuit.



Tyaktva grahe rati-madho-gati-hetu-bhootam
Aatmecchayopanishadarth-rasam pibantah
Veet-spraha vishay-bhog-pade virakta
Dhanyashcharanti vijneshu virakt sangah ॥ 3 ॥



Blessed are they who are sipping the nectar of essence of the Upanishads, at their free will without restraint. They have abandoned all sensuous enjoyment at home, which is the cause of one’s downfall in life. Being free from desire and no attraction for the enjoyment of worldly pleasures, they move about in solitude, with a sense of release from bondage.



Tyaktva mamahmiti bandhkare pade dve
maanavamaan sadrashah samdarshinashcha
kartaar-manyam-vagamya tadarpitaani
kurvanti karmaparipaak phalaani dhanyah ॥ 4 ॥



Blessed are they who realise that the Karta i.e doer of action is different from the Self and resign the fruits of actions to that Karta. They see and treat everyone as equal and remain the same in honour and dishonour since they have given up the feeling of `I’ and `mine’ the two shackles that tie down the individual.



Bhaiksha-mriten pari-kalpit deh-yaatraah
Jyotih paraat-par-taram parmaatm-sangyam
Dhanyaa dvijaa rahasi hridya-valok-yanti ॥ 5 ॥



Blessed are those brahmans, who in solitude visualize within their bosom the Supreme Effulgence, called Paramátman. Having given up the three desires ( son, finance, world) , they seek the path of salvation, maintaining their physical existence, by means of nector of alms.



Naasanna sanna sadasanna mahanna chaannu
Na stri pumaanna cha napunsak mek beejam
yair brahma tat sam nupaasit mek chittaih
Dhanyaa virejuritare bhav-paash-baddhah ॥ 6 ॥



Blessed are they by whom the Brahman is contemplated with one-pointed attention thinking that Neither it is true nor false , and not it is the combination of both. It is neither big nor the subtle, and not it is the female or the male or the neutral. It is the one source of all. Such people shine with glory while others remain imprisoned by the shackles of worldly life.



Agyaan pank parimagnam pet saaram
Duhkhaalayam maran janma jara vasaktam
Sansaar bandhnam nitya mavekshya dhanyaa
Gyaasina tadvasheerya vinishcayanti ॥ 7 ॥



Blessed are they who realise that the bondage of worldly life is momentary/temporary and cut off that bond with the sword of knowledge and remain firm. They came to understand that this worldly life means, to be caught in the mud of ignorance, devoid of anything worthwhile, abode of sorrow and associated with birth, death and old age.



Shaantair nanya matibhir madhur svabhaavaih
Ekatva nishchit mano bhir pet mohaih
Saakam vaneshu vijitaatma pad svarupaih
Tadvastu samyag nisham vimrashanti dhanyaah ॥ 8 ॥



Blessed are they who ponder well over that Reality all the time in the forest. They are associated with people who are at peace within, whose attention is not diverted, and who are of sweet nature. They understand the significance of the word Aatman with the conviction in their minds that Reality is one and remain free from infatuation.


(maalini vrittam)

Ahimiv janyogam sarvada varja yedhya,

Kunn pamiv sunareem tyaktu kaamo viraagi,

Vish miv vish yanyo manya maano durantaan,

Jayati param hanso mukti bhaavam sameti . 9


Victory to that great realized soul, Who avoids crowds of people like a snake, Who disregards a pretty woman like a corpse, And who leaves out bad thoughts just like poison, With an assurance that he will surely attain salvation.



(Shaardool vikreedi vrittam)

Sampoornam jagdev Nandan vanam sarvepi kalp druma,

Gangamvari samast varinivaha, punyaah samastaah kriyaah,

Vachah praakrit sanskritah shruti shiro Varanasi medini,

Sarvavasthitirasya vastu vishayaa drishte parbrahmani. 10



To him who realizes para brahma, the entire world is a garden, All trees are wish giving trees, all water is the water of Ganga, All his actions are pure and blessed, all his talks whether, In prakrit or in Sanskrit are summary of Vedas, the entire World for him is the holy city of Kashi i.e Varanasi and all his actions are fully filled with Para Brahma, the eternal truth.









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